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ZKTeco to Display the Latest in Cruise Ship Security

February 16, 2018 I Marine Link

Biometric and RFID security solutions provider ZKTeco said it will showcase its latest developments in cruise ship security technology at Seatrade Cruise Global at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., from March 5-8, 2018.

ZKTeco will have on display products designed to provide both passengers and crew in the cruise industry far greater safety and convenience.
© mikolajn / Adobe Stock

© mikolajn / Adobe Stock

On display will be the ProBio-ID door access controller.  ProBio-ID eliminates the worry of getting accidentally locked out of your room because you forgot your access card or PIN code.  By simply looking into the ProBio-ID camera, the door automatically unlocks when the ProBio-ID recognizes an authorized person’s face.  ProBio-ID provides true hands-free door access and provides passengers and crew the ultimate in convenience.  ProBio-ID also has an integrated fingerprint reader, card reader and PIN code reader.  So for the ultimate in security, program the ProBio-ID so passengers and crew must show their face, fingerprint, card and/or PIN code.
Also, on display will be the inPulse+ door access controller.  InPulse+ has one of the most accurate biometric sensors available today in the security industry.  InPulse+ reads the vein-pattern under the skin of your finger.  Therefore InPulse+ can identify a person, even if their fingers are dirty or scarred.  Like the ProBio-ID, inPulse+ also has an integrated fingerprint reader, card reader and PIN code reader.
Also, on display will be the ZM100 fingerprint door lock.  DM100 is a stylish-looking fingerprint door lock and handle.  Unlike the ProBio-ID and inPulse+ which require connecting an electric door strike, DM100 is battery operated and doesn’t require an external lock.
ZKTeco will also have on display conventional security products including metal detectors.  The WMD433 Walk-Through metal detector features program modes for either 1-zone, 6-zone, 11-zone or 33-zone detection. Alarms located on both sides clearly and precisely indicate where metal is detected. Assembly and installation are easy.
“Sadly, we’ve seen all too many times the tragedies that can occur to innocent people in public places,” notes Larry Reed, CEO, ZKAccess. “While preventing these tragic events is not always in our control, added layers of security can help deter the entry of weapons. Metal detectors are one such layer, and can be especially beneficial for hotels, arenas, nightclubs, and schools.”

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