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Seasickness, motion sickness, whatever you may call it – not feeling good while you are trying to enjoy a cruise vacation is simply not ideal. The queasy feeling in your stomach can definitely put a damper on any vacation and ruin some of the fun things that you wanted to try while you were at sea.

Whether it is your very first cruise or your tenth, you will want to take as many precautionary measures to prevent yourself from experiencing seasickness.

1) Over the counter medications

When trying to figure out what kinds of medication to bring along on your cruise, purchase a medication containing dimenhydrinate or diphenhydramine. Those specific ingredients are meant to help with any sort of motion sickness, including seasickness. If you know that you are prone to motion sickness, start taking the medication a half hour before you board the ship and continue to take the necessary dosages as often as prescribed on the medication packaging.

2) If over the counter medications don’t work 

You are not out of luck! If you have experienced motion sickness before and know that over the counter medications just won’t work for you, there are still options for you. The Mayo Clinic suggests a prescription scopolamine patch that can be placed behind your ear and replaced every three days.

3) Mind what you eat

There are some foods that can contribute to that feeling of being off balance or nauseas. Try to stay away from really fatty foods or foods that are high in salt or sugar. Start avoiding those kinds of foods a couple days before you leave on your cruise and be mindful of what you are eating on board. Saltines, ginger, and green apples are all foods that can help settle uneasy feelings so try to make sure you have access to these natural stomach soothers.

4) Check out the top deck

It’s commonly said that if you go to the top deck of the ship when you start to queasy and focus on the horizon, you will be able to help keep off any seasickness you might be feeling. Focusing on a still point will help settle your feelings of uneasiness.

Any combination of the above tips, along with doing your own research in advance before your cruise, can help you to steer off seasickness and let you enjoy your cruise as you intended.

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