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Need some extra convincing to get on a cruise and head off to Alaska? Check out some of the amazing things that you will see and do:

1) Wild Life

A trip to Alaska is all about seeing and soaking in the wildlife. From spotting orca whales, caribou, and grizzly bears to the beautiful mountains, you will need cameras and binoculars to soak in the scenery all day. See a mama and baby bear, red tail fox, dall sheep, caribou, lynx, and many others in their natural environment.

2) New Culture

The Alaskan native cultures and the rustic environment that make up the culture of Alaska is an experience that you will treasure on your visit. The frontier spirit – ruggedness and remote location – is one to soak in and enjoy. You can also get a great sense of what the culture used to be like and what it is now, a solid mix of the old and new culture in Alaska is evident when visiting.

3) Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

For most people who live in the continental United States, they’ve never seen a glacier before in their life. A cruise to Alaska and a visit to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a beautiful site and a necessity for anyone who travels to Alaska. With 3.3 million acres of rugged mountains, glaciers, rainforests, wild coastlines and deep sheltered fjords, the beauty of Alaska and all it has to offer can be captured at Glacier Bay.

4) Great Food

Because Alaska has the proximity to the sea, there is a lot of great food to taste when visiting Alaska. With local catches, the food will be fresh and readily available. Enjoy fresh crab, fish, and more while you cruise to Alaska.

5) Plenty of Adventures

Alaska offers a lot of different activities and opportunities for adventure. From fishing to hiking a glacier to riding a dog sled, the opportunity to have onshore excursions are of a vast variety with options for everyone on your cruise.

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