Home Cruise Safely Which is safer, a River Cruise or an Ocean Cruise?

Considering a cruise as a vacation is a great first step when you are ready to get away. However, there are multiple variations of cruises to consider before you start packing your swim suit. Most people probably think of an ocean cruise to the tropics when they think of a cruise vacation but there are also river cruises to take into consideration. When thinking specifically about the safety of river cruises compared to ocean cruises, there are many things to take into account.

1) No waves 

River cruises are on much calmer waters than ocean cruises for the most part. When cruising with someone who may be skeptical to try a cruise because they have heard horror stories about ocean cruises or they are prone to motion sickness, a river cruise might be your best choice. With the calmer water passengers are less likely to feel motion sickness or have a sense of nervousness from a rough sea.

2) Close to the shore line

For those a little uneasy about being out on the open ocean, river cruises stay close to the shore line and make port nearly every day. On an ocean cruise, you are at sea for more than a day sometimes and for those cruise-goers who get a little nervous at that idea, it might be best to pick a river cruise.

3) Close proximity

When cruising on a river there are a lot of benefits in regards to proximity. Proximity on the ship is beneficial because the size of a river cruise ship is usually smaller than an ocean cruise ship. This means that you won’t be walking far to get from point A to point B on your ship or when returning to your room which is ultimately beneficial to your safety.

When deciding between a river cruise and an ocean cruise, consider who you will be traveling with and what you can do to make their cruise experience the best one yet by examining some of these key differences above.

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