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carnival magic
Carnival Magic (file image courtesy Thomas Doerfer / CC BY 3.0)

The U.S. Coast Guard has to respond to a wide range of emergencies, but rarely does it get called in after a bar fight. That rare call came in on Tuesday from the giant cruise ship Carnival Magic, which was on her way back to New York City when a large-scale fracas broke out in her nightclub. 

At about 0520 hours the NYPD received a call reporting an altercation on board the Carnival Magic. The agency said that while she was sailing near the Verrazzano Narrows, an early-morning party deteriorated into an all-out brawl. A group of 40-60 passengers joined into a physical altercation on the dance floor, all captured on video by a bystander at the bar. The footage shows a sole security guard, heavily outnumbered and radioing for backup. 

The Coast Guard dispatched a boat crew out of Staten Island to escort the Carnival Magic back to the pier, where she was met by officers of the New York City Police Department. 

“Last night while Carnival Magic was returning to New York, a number of guests were involved in an altercation in a nightclub,” Carnival said in a statement. “Thankfully no serious injuries were reported and our onboard security team intervened. The ship arrived as scheduled this morning and shoreside law enforcement authorities were notified.” 

An investigation is ongoing and no charges have been announced yet in the case. The correct jurisdiction would depend on the ship’s position (international waters, territorial seas, New Jersey or New York state waters), and this would have bearing on any law enforcement effort.

Top image: Carnival Magic (file image courtesy Thomas Doerfer / CC BY 3.0)

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