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A cruise ship is a great place to spend a vacation and taking proper precautions ahead of time can help you have a great trip without any major hiccups or unfortunate situations. One of the biggest concerns of cruise travelers is how to keep their money safe while both on-board and on shore. Check out some of these tips to keep your money protected as much as you can.


1) Keep your money locked in the room safe

Most cruise ships offer a safe in your room where you can lock away valuables and money. Keep the majority of your money locked in the safe and only take out what you think you will need that day. Don’t carry around large chunks of cash or money with you.

2) Don’t leave your wallet unattended

This may seem like a straightforward rule but it is definitely important to keep in mind that you cannot leave your wallet unattended. If you bring your wallet down to the pool and wrap it up in your towel while you take a swim, there is no real guarantee that it will be safe. Don’t leave your wallet anywhere unattended.


1) Keep your money tucked away

If you are going onshore with the intent of shopping and spending money, you have to keep your money tucked close to your body, such as your pocket. Only take your money out at the point of purchase and try not to flash everything that you are carrying for others to see.

2) Wallet in your front pocket

It is common to put your wallet in your back pocket and not think about it. However, it’s very common for people to pick the wallet from your back pocket without you even noticing it. Do whatever you can to keep your wallet in front of your body in your front pocket.

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