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Taking travel insurance for granted and not paying close enough attention to the fine print of documents involved, might come back to haunt you. It has been observed that while buying travel insurance, people tend to make the most basic mistakes that sometimes lead to disastrous consequences. If you want to know how to avoid them, then keep on reading.

1.    Not Buying Insurance as a Precaution

Most people think of travel insurance as an unnecessary expense that can be easily avoided. The thought of being involved in an accident or facing an unforeseen circumstance doesn’t even come to their minds. Travel insurance is not just for your physical safety and well being, but it also covers local incidence and personal property theft. So if you plan on going abroad for some reason, or if someone you know is going out of the country, then implore them to buy travel insurance before they make their plans.

2.    Thinking Travel Insurance Will Take Care of Everything

Contrary to prior belief, travel insurance doesn’t cover absolutely everything. You can’t sit back and relax and wait for the insurance company to bail you out of a tricky situation. Mostly it depends on your coverage. The policy you choose will clearly state what situations will and will not be covered. So read it carefully before embarking on something new.

3.    Don’t take the Insurance Agent’s Word for It

When you sign for the travel insurance, you are essentially signing a legal contract. Depending on a situation, it might work for you or it might work against you. Discuss everything with the travel agent and satisfy all your queries before looking at the contact. Ask about the fine print and hidden clauses. The agent might try to avoid the topic, but you must stick with it.

4.    Thinking that Alcohol Related Accidents Will be Covered

You might be tempted to drink when you are on a vacation. But if you believe that the insurance company will cover any accidents that resulted from you being drunk then think again. Sports related accidents are covered in the policy because all safety measures are usually in place to prevent those accidents. But when you drink, you are intentionally making a decision to compromise your judgment which might lead to an accident. The insurance company will not feel obligated to do anything about it. That is why you should drink responsibly while abroad, or better yet don’t drink at all.

5.    Not Declaring Previous Medical Conditions

You might think that declaring your previous medical condition increases the rate of the policy and opt not to declare it. This might turn out to be a huge mistake. In case of real emergency, the insurance will act fast depending on the information they were provided with. So rethink this decision.

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The realm of insurance is extremely wide and frustratingly complex. That is why we are going to continue on and tell you more about the most commonly made travel insurance mistakes, so that you can avoid them and have a fun and safe trip.

6.    Not Opting for Worldwide Coverage

You might think that you are all set to visit just about any corner of the world when you have finally signed off the documents stating that you have purchased the travel insurance, but think again. Most insurance companies only cover regional travel or cover a specific continent. Before making travel plans or buying the insurance, ask the insurance agent if they will cover the country you are planning on traveling. If not, then look elsewhere because you will find a company that will cover you. You don’t have to change your plans because of this minor inconvenience.

7.    Try Extreme Sports

An average travel insurance policy might cover up to two hundred sports and activities. That is quite a large spectrum. But don’t let the allure of the country trick you into trying something new and extremely dangerous. We are not saying that you should never try something new, just that if you do, then first call your insurance company to ask whether it is covered. If it isn’t and you still take a chance, then it’s completely on you. Don’t expect any help.

8.    Picking the Cheapest Policy

You might save a few bucks now and think that you got an awesome deal at a bargain rate, but again, it is you who is going to pay for it later. When it comes to travel insurance, you should buy a policy that will cover all you basic needs and all commonly occurring accidents. It might cost you a little right now, but at least it will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have something to turn to if the unthinkable happens.

9.    Not Considering Vehicular Accidents

You can’t be expected to walk everywhere. Nor can you take taxis if you plan on extending your stay. At some point you might need a car or a similar mode of transportation to go about. With that in mind, you should seriously include vehicular accidents in your policy.

10.  Not Choosing a Trusted Firm

You can’t and shouldn’t take a chance with travel insurance. Ask your family and friends for advice and research online to find the best insurance agency which will cover all the basics.

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