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Taking your kids on a cruise is a great family experience and one that you will want to make great memories to cherish forever. If you have made that choice to bring your children on a cruise, consider some of these tips.

1) Book early

Traveling with a slightly large group of people, a family of four or five, can be pricey if you are not careful with your booking. The best way to get a good price on your cruise is to browse your options several months in advance. The more you look and compare, the better chances you will have of getting a good deal.

2) Pack bathing suits in your carry on

The cruise ship crew is going to need time to get everyone’s luggage to their proper rooms. There are a lot of people that enter the ship  at the same time and so to help keep young ones occupied, pack their swim suits in your carry on so that you can hit the pool while you wait for your luggage.

3) Find or plan fun activities

The experience for your kid is going to be best when you find the activities that they like to do. Are they a huge Disney fan? Consider a Disney cruise line so that they are with their favorite characters and having the time of their life. Does your kid love to swim? Consider a port that gives them the option to try snorkeling or swimming with dolphins. No matter what your kid’s interests are, you can find activities that they will like and create memories to last a lifetime.

4) Bring pieces of home

If this is your kid’s first big vacation away from home, be armed with their favorite items from home to help provide a sense of comfort. If they get nervous on board, having their favorite blanket or stuffed animal will be a familiar item that they can associate safety and warmth.

5) Let your kids be involved

Involving the kids in the process of choosing the cruise and the activities will make them very excited and feel a sense of ownership. Even at a young age, your kids will love having a choice and making decisions – feeling more grown up and responsible while looking forward to a fun experience.

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