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By Elizabeth Enochs of bustle.com

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go on a cruise, I have some good news: cruises are fun! They allow you to experience different cultures, enjoy a new climate, meet people from all over the world, and eat fancy, three-course dinners in the ship’s formal dining room every night — often for less total than the price of cross-country plane ticket. Plus, for some reason, there are always 24/7 ice cream cone stations in the ship’s casual dining area, so you can have ice cream for breakfast if you’re up for it.

As a veteran of the cruise ship experience, I also have some bad news: certain aspects of cruising suck — if you’re not prepared for them. For starters, Dramamine is essential — and you should take it before you get sick if you want it to work. Additionally, most of that fancy dinner food will be just short of terrible. You should never forget to bring jackets and jeans on the boat, because even a tropical cruise will get chillier than you’d think. And working out on the open sea is pretty much just about clinging to your elliptical through the rolling waves until you’ve reached your fitness goal.

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