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Remember the TV series “Love Boat”? It aired back in the day when going on a cruise conjured up images of fancy umbrella drinks, stolen moonlight kisses, and the blissful banality of total relaxation before anyone heard of Wi-Fi. Since then, the cruise industry has weathered more bad press than perhaps any other tourism sector, from stories of contagious Novo virus diarrhea, stinky overflowing toilets and the unforgettable wreck of the Costa Concordia on the Tuscan island of Giglio.

Up to now, the industry has stayed afloat through it all. In 2014, the worldwide cruise industry lured 22.2 million passengers and nabbed a whopping $39.6 billion of the market share of tourism according to Cruise Market Watch. But will it be able to survive the threat of terrorism after last week’s Tunisian terror attack that killed 17 cruise ship passengers who were on an excursion to the Bardo Museum when their liners were docked in the Tunis harbor? Most analysts say yes, in part because cruise companies have no intention to stop the party.

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