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The 10 worst cities for pickpockets

Jenai Laignel / 23 August 2013 ( 09 November 2015 )

1. Barcelona, Spain

Pickpocketing in Barcelona is almost a generally practiced and accepted sport. Las Ramblas, the famous wide, pedestrian walkway full of life, music, and people at all hours of the day and night, is the perfect place to get your purse poached.

2. Rome, Italy

With its ancient buildings and astounding historical and cultural attractions, Rome is full of tourists admiring outdoor attractions like the Trevi Fountain or the Pantheon, making it easy for pickpockets to lift a camera or purse.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

One of Prague’s most romantic sites, Charles Bridge is lined with baroque-style statues and thousands of tourists who crowd its ancient stones each year, making it perfect for pickpocketing.

Before taking in the view of the Vltava River and the Prague Castle beyond, be sure your valuables are strapped down.

4. Madrid, Spain

Back in Spain again, El Rastro fleamarket and the crowded metro are often cited as spots where pickpockets operate. Travellers should also have their wits about them that in the city’s many museums, where distracted tourists are often preyed upon.

4. Paris, France

From the base of the Eiffel Tower to the steps of Sacré-Coeur, the City of Light draws enormous crowds. Trouble is often found below ground, in the city’s metro system, where travellers should be especially cautious.

6. Florence, Italy

It’s certainly easy to be distracted by the majestic beauty and awe-inspiring works of art all around Florence. When you’re admiring Michelangelo’s David, or its replica in the busy Piazza della Signoria, be aware that others may be admiring your wallet.

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

A common scam in this vibrant and culturally rich city involves you being suddenly covered in “bird droppings” (likely mustard), while a “friendly” local (likely a thief) happens to be standing by with napkins to help you clean up (and clean you out).

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With so many fun things to see and do amongst the friendly and laid-back atmosphere of this city, it’s easy to drop your guard and let the pickpockets take advantage.

9. Athens, Greece

As mentioned before, it’s the outdoor attractions that can often be the worst places for thieves. When visiting the Parthenon, or anything else in this magnificent historic city, keep the bags close to the vest while your eyes admire the rest.

10. Hanoi, Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam has its charming Old Quarter, littered with monuments and colonial architecture, making it a beautiful and unique place to visit, but also a place to stay alert for mischief.

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