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When your cruise ship docks and it its time to go ashore it is important that you stay healthy and safe while exploring. Do plenty of research on the stop before disembarking.

Staying Safe

1) Wear the appropriate shoes. When you go ashore, you want to make sure that you have the proper shoes for whatever activities you may be doing. Sneakers for hiking, thick soled shoes for walking around, etc. You don’t want to injure yourself or step on something that could put a damper on the rest of your trip.

2) When you are exploring on shore, you should definitely have someone else with you. If you are traveling with a group of friends or your family, do your best to stay together. If you are on the cruise by yourself, do not wander into areas where there aren’t a lot of people around. You should also try to stay close to the cruise ship. Single travelers are usually the victims of crime, sexual assault, and theft.

3) Keep your money out of sight and close to your body. When you go ashore and want to make a purchase try to pull out only what you need to make the transaction – whether it is just the cash to pay or just the card. You don’t want someone to see what you have on you and later be the target of theft.

Staying Healthy

1) Don’t drink the water. Sometimes the water available on shore is not the healthiest water that you should be drinking and could make you sick. To keep yourself hydrated with safe water, you should fill up reusable water bottles on the cruise ship at the buffet or wherever clean water is accessible to take on shore with you. If you are on shore and need more water only purchase bottled water.

2) Make sure your meals are cooked. As you enjoy a wonderful meal of exotic foods that you may not have had before, you definitely need to make sure that you don’t eat undercooked food. Undercooked food can lead to a number of illnesses that will surely ruin your vacation. This also goes for fruits and vegetables – before you dive in, make sure that they are washed first.

3) Stay cool. When you are on shore, you will still need sun protection as you did on the cruise laying in the sun. Bring a hat, loose fitting and light clothing, and sunscreen. The sun is much stronger the closer you get to the equator and you don’t want to end up overheated or with a severe sunburn.

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