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How the Specter of Terrorism is Changing European Travel

by Lisa Iannucci of travelpulse.com

Edward Garafolo had been daydreaming about a trip to Italy this coming fall to finally fulfill his dream of seeing Roma, his favorite soccer team, play in Stadio Olimpico. It’s an especially important time to visit because it’s the last season that Italy’s soccer phenom, and Garafolo’s favorite player, Francesco Totti will play. Unfortunately, Garafolo is considering taking the trip a few years from now instead.

“I don’t want to go to Europe right now because of the attacks in France,” he said. “You just don’t know what’s going to happen there and it’s scary.”

He’s not alone. There are many travelers who share his fears and are considering postponing their trips to Europe because of the terrorist attacks. “Weather, political unrest, refugee influx, etc., can all play a role in why travel plans may have to be adjusted,” said Greg Antonelle of MickeyTravels, LLC, who said that it wasn’t that long ago that Disney Cruise Line adjusted their itinerary to avoid Greece when there was trouble, and they continue to monitor all of their ports of call.

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