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Smoking In a Seabourn Balcony Cabin Will Now Cost You $250 Per Day

by Gabe Zaldivar of travelpulse.com

If you absolutely must light up a cigarette in your balcony cabin aboard a Seabourn ship, it will now cost you $250 a day to do so. As Cruise Critic’s Erica Silverstein reports, the line has actually widened its ban on smoking, which now includes the balconies on its more vantage-enhanced cabins.

Seabourn officials also announced that smokers can no longer smoke in the Observation Lounge, which had up until now allowed lighting up after 8 p.m.

So for those that got ’em, it’s advisable that you absolutely not smoke ’em unless you are on the “starboard half of the Sky Bar on Deck 9 (Deck 10 on soon-to-launch Seabourn Encore) and on the starboard half of the open terrace aft of The Club on Deck 5,” according to Silverstein. Cigarette, pipe and cigar smokers can also partake their passion on the starboard side of open terrace aft of Seabourn Square on Deck 7.

The report reminds that more and more cruise lines are, excuse the pun, choking off smoking areas across the industry.

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