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A cruise ship with the best accommodations, a variety of activities, and comfortable living and sleeping quarters can make a difference in the satisfaction that you have with your cruise experience. The activities, dining, entertainment, and locations of ports can all vary depending on the size ship that you choose to travel on. All sized ships offer different benefits and choosing the size of your ship ultimately depends on the type of experience you want. Let’s examine some of the benefits that different sized cruise ships have to offer:

Benefits of a Small Cruise Ship

Smaller cruise ships, ranging from mega yachts to ships under 5,000 tons, are a cruise experience where passengers are likely to provide their own entertainment. Smaller ships have more intimate restaurants, lounges, and entertainment venues. Smaller cruises are also associated with personalized service, fine dining, and the travel is frequently all about the destination that the cruise is going to. Smaller ships usually spend more time at port and they are usually itinerary-driven travel experiences.

Benefits of a Large Cruise Ship

A large ship can range from 70,000 tons and up and include the latest modern technologies and advancements that some cruise goers may prefer. Large cruise ships play host to a lot of guests who have plenty of different interests. To accommodate all of those interests, large cruises are equipped with a range of activities and things to do such as; casinos, music venues, a variety of restaurants, lounges, clubs, spas, exercise facilities or gyms, and more.

Large cruise ships are also beneficial for those traveling with a multi-generational group. From grandparents to grandkids and everyone between, there are a lot of different ideas of what fun looks like. When traveling with a family large cruise ships offer a variety of activities for the children on board such as climbing walls, skating rinks, games and more to keep children busy and happy.

Midsize ships are a combination of large and small cruise ships and can offer a variety of the above advantages of small and large cruise ships. When deciding on the cruise that you want to go on, explore all of your options and really think about all of the benefits that each sized ship has to offer and what you are looking to do. One size does not fit all when it comes to a cruise experience.

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