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For your next vacation, consider a cruise as a travel option that offers a great time filled with a lot of memories. From the fun activities on the ship to the destination, cruise ships offer a great variety of things to do and memories to make.

While some travelers are skeptical about the safety of a cruise there are laws in place that help to protect travelers as they journey through the sea. The cruise lines and laws continue to evolve and develop as the cruise industry continues to innovate and more and more passengers choose a cruise as their vacation.

Safety and security measures include things such as; 24-hour security personnel, 100% screening of every person and luggage that boards the ship, along with security checkpoints when off shore is involved.  Within each room on the ship there are sprinklers and smoke detectors. The major safety measure that you should consider though is the ship’s measures to prevent disease being spread and how clean the cruise ship is. 

When determining a cruise, you should definitely look up the latest information about the safety of the cruise that you want to go on. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention releases data on the inspections of cruise ships. These five cruises have earned a score of 100 in their cruise ship inspection score:

1) Princess Cruises

2) Carnival Cruise Lines

3) Disney Cruise Lines

4) Royal Caribbean International

5) Celebrity Cruises

Part of these safety scores come from the amazing staff that they have on board. All people on deck and in the engine departments must hold a Certificate of Proficiency which states that they have met relevant requirements of training or seagoing service. Through that proficiency, each crew member is required to receive training in emergency procedures, safety, security, and first aid. They are also required to participate in an abandon ship drill and a fire drill once every month.

The best thing that you can do before you choose your cruise is to check the latest safety and sanitation scores from the Center for Disease Control.

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