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The biggest slide on the seas stands to be a significant drawcard.

The only thing more exciting than striking out on the high seas on a cruise ship is striking out on the high seas on a cruise ship that contains the tallest slide off land.

That’s what passengers of Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas will get come May 2016, when the company is set to debut The Ultimate Abyss, a massive cruise-ship slide that sits 150 feet above sea level. If you’re thinking about how to prepare for a cruise, you’ll need to take a few more things into consideration when embarking on this challenge.

On Dec. 15, 2015, the company released the first look at the slide to much fanfare. The slide is comprised of, in fact, two ribbon-like slides made of stainless steel that are adjacent to each other. They will start on a glass platform above the AquaTheater on the ship’s aft. From there, thrill-seeking passengers will be sent on a 100-foot drop, taking twist after twist and loop after loop at approximately 9 miles per hour. The entire journey, which is around 216 feet long, ends at the boardwalk on deck six.

To add another heart-pumping element to the mix, Royal Caribbean has also fitted the slides with audio effects, which will help turn the slide into a true thrill ride.

The addition of the slide may be ideal for passengers with older children who need something to keep their kids entertained on the cruise ship, as well as a distraction to let them get some alone time. It’s also a fitting addition to what is already the largest cruise ship in the world, with a 5,497 guest occupancy, 16 guest decks and 227,000 gross registered tons.

For Royal Caribbean, bigger is always better, and if the slide is as fun as it is ambitious, it sounds like the company – and its passengers – will have a winner on their side.

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