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November 12, 2020

Royal Caribbean Ships at CocoCay

Royal Caribbean International has launched a new website for potential cruise volunteers. 

The company, which hinted last week it may need volunteers for trial sailings as part of the CDC’s new conditional framework, now has a website and dedicated Facebook page set up for trial sailings.

Find the website and trial application here.

“This week alone, we have received more than 3,000 emails, not including the tweets, comments, and messages across our social channels,” the company said. “While we review the requirements proposed by the CDC and consider when we can host our simulated trial sailings, we are gathering information from those who have shown interested.”

Trial cruises are expected to be short and sail to the company’s private island at CocoCay, where Royal Caribbean can create a so-called bubble environment, controlling the entire experience.

Trial sailings are said to be monitored by company officials, a third-party class society as well as the CDC. The test sailings could happen as soon as December or January.

Cruise lines will need to be certified to sail once again from U.S. ports by the CDC on a ship-by-ship basis, according to the framework released by the CDC at the end of October.

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