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by CLAUDETTE COVEY of travelpulse.com

The director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board very much wants to clear up a lingering – and negative – misperception about the destination.

“There is no travel warning to Puerto Vallarta,” said Agustin Alvarez. “The U.S. State Department’s travel warning as it pertains to the state of Jalisco highlights rural highways and areas that border states to the south, which are almost 250 miles from Puerto Vallarta – or the distance between New York and Boston or Los Angeles and Las Vegas.”

No one, of course, disputes that the city fell victim to a violent incident last month. “On May 1, there was an isolated incident that took place in the early morning, but authorities in the city moved fast and most people in Puerto Vallarta that day did not even know of the incident,” said Alvarez said. “Hotel occupancy for the weekend of May 1 was more than 95 percent, and according to the Hotel Association of Puerto Vallarta there were over 4,200 convention delegates in town attending international medical conferences.”

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