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Yadi Mark, who uses a wheelchair, frequently travels and loves sailing the open sea. She will embark on her 16th cruise this summer with her husband, children and grandkids.

What’s the appeal? “Affordable pricing, unpacking once, seeing multiple destinations, dressing up for dinner, great entertainment and the wheelchair accessibility of the ship,” said Mark. She circumvents the aggravation of flying and often departs from the nearby New Orleans port.

Demand for cruising has increased 68% in the past decade, according to the Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) 2016 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook, and people with disabilities find the industry is improving their services. But savvy travelers need to be informed regarding policies and potential obstacles before booking a cruise.

If you or a companion have a disability, choosing the right cruise and planning in advance are imperative to getting the most from your vacation. Before scheduling a trip, follow these eight tips:

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