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Adventure cruises can give you the chance to really explore the world: Make sure you're ready.

Packing for any vacation can be a challenge. You have to figure out if there are any days you’ll need multiple outfits, decide how often you’ll get a chance to do laundry, question how willing you’re going to be to actually do laundry during your trip, wonder how much you should prepare for weather… the list goes on and on.

When you’re going on an adventure cruise, planning what to bring along gets even more complicated. These cruises take you to rugged, outdoor locations and send you on trips through forests and jungles, down rivers and up mountains. This means, you’re sort of planning for a part-cruise-part-camping-trip hybrid. Here are some guidelines for preparing for a cruise that goes off the beaten path:

On an adventure cruise, you’ll be trekking away from the ship at some point. This means you’ll need to have a bag you can bring along that holds day-of essentials. Invest in a good backpack you can use during this time. Consider a hiking backpack with extra straps to give yourself a little boost of support. Your pack should also be waterproof or have waterproof compartments, particularly if you’ll be doing any canoeing, kayaking or rafting on your trip.

When it comes to outdoor adventuring, the first thing you should consider is the weather in your destination. You’re going to need to pack dramatically different clothes if you’re hiking through Alaska than if you’re exploring the Amazon. Look at average high and low temperatures for the regions your traveling through, and don’t assume each location is the same: Differences in elevation or location can make a huge impact on weather. Plan most of your clothes around the expected forecast, but bring along a few options in case it’s warmer, colder or more wet than you anticipated.

Additional Items
Depending on what you’re doing on your cruise, you’ll probably want to bring additional items along as well. Be sure to pack sunscreen if you’re going to be outdoors in direct sunlight for a large part of the day. Heavy-duty bug spray will be an essential item for anyone hiking or climbing through heavily forested areas. Although your cruise will definitely have a first-aid kit on hand, it may give you peace of mind to have a small one with you in your backpack when you’re out for the day.

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