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A cruise vacation is a fun time and you want to make sure that you have everything you need packed in your carry on and luggage as you get ready to have a great time at sea. Check out some of these absolute must haves to help keep you safe at sea:

1) Passport and a photocopy

This is absolutely necessary if you are going to be stopping at an international port while you are on your cruise. Not only do you need to double and triple check that you included your passport with your belongings, but you will want to make sure you have a photocopy that you keep on you while you are off the cruise ship. Don’t take the risk of being without proper identification while you cruise.

2) Vitamin C

Germs are always an issue when you are surrounded by a lot of strangers no matter what kind of vacation you are taking. To help protect your immune system, pack some Vitamin C in your belongings to help keep you strong and fighting off any potential illness. Don’t let a silly cold ruin your vacation!

3) Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes

Cruise ships put a lot of people in a smaller-than-normal space and keeps you together for several days at a time. To help keep you safe and free from sickness, make sure you have hand sanitizer with you to disinfect your hands before any meal and whenever you feel necessary. Also make sure you have anti-bacterial wipes packed in your belongings and wipe down any surface that you can when you first board and as necessary throughout your cruise.

4) Extra cash

While credit cards are very convenient, definitely pack extra cash in your luggage and have more on you at all times. You never know what kind of situation you may find yourself in that you will need to have cash ready to go. Don’t be unprepared!

Maybe you already thought about including these items in your suitcases but definitely double and triple check that you have everything you need before setting off to board the ship.

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