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Cold weather cruises are becoming more popular because of the breathtaking  views they provide.

Although many people only associate cruises with warm climates, it’s becoming more and more common to take cold-weather cruises. You might be asking yourself: Why would anyone ever choose the cold over a cruise in the sun?

Many choose to take cruises to colder regions for the unique sights they provide. Cruises around Alaska and the Antarctic region give travelers the opportunity to see the types of things they only see on post cards and calendar photographs. Between the penguin spotting and chance to see the Northern Lights, there’s plenty of reasons for you to explore cruise options in cold climates. When you do plan a cruise in the cold, there are a few additional things you should think about as you begin to pack. Follow these four steps:

1. Add layers
Not only will you have to endure the cold temperatures during the daytime, but at night you should be prepared for even colder ones. That said, it’s important to bring along plenty of appropriate clothing. Start with your basics: pack plenty of sweaters and coats. There’s nothing wrong with adding layers to your outfits, especially at night. Wool garments can go a long way in protecting you from the wind because they’re heavier than cotton. If you’re worried about your feet, ditch the tennis shoes or dress shoes and go for a pair of winter boots.

2. Accessorize
Choosing the right kinds of shirts and pants isn’t the only way to protect yourself from the cooler temperatures. In fact, adding cold weather accessories to your wardrobe may be exactly what you need to keep yourself protected from the cold. Start with gloves and a scarf. Keeping your neck and face covered will help in making you feel cozy even when the wind is whipping past you. Don’t leave footwear out the equation. Make sure you stock up on plenty of warm socks to bring on your cruise.

3. Protect your head
Until recently, there was a prevalent myth that people lost the majority of heat through their heads. Although that theory has been debunked, adding a protective layer to your head will help you get warm, so it’s still worth mentioning. Pack plenty of winter hats or even garments with hoods. Shielding your ears and head from the harsh winds will help you maintain a warmer body temperature in the cold weather.

4. Remember the essentials
With all the time spent worried about what cold weather clothing items to bring, it can be easy to forget other things you will need for your trip. Don’t forget your identification and passport! Passports are especially important when you’re in international waters. After all, you’re outside the U.S. at that point.

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