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As you are prepping your luggage for your cruise, you will always remember the essentials – bathing suits, evening wear, toiletries and regular wear, but there are some important additions that you should include to be ready for any incident that may come your way.


Sunscreen is crucial to your skin safety on a cruise. Definitely make sure that you pack a good SPF level of sunscreen for the cruise and your destination. Especially be diligent if you are going to locations that are further south and closer to the equator, the sun is going to be stronger and a stronger SPF is important. Protect yourself against the sun – you don’t want to spend your cruise indoors nursing a bad sunburn or sun poisoning.


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Hand Sanitizer

To help prevent the spread of disease or to protect yourself from catching one, pack some hand sanitizer in your luggage. Being in close quarters with a lot of strangers for an extended period of time will expose you to germs or diseases that you might end up getting sick from.


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 Insurance Information

In the case of a medical emergency, you should definitely bring a copy of your medical and travel insurance information. In the even that you are injured, sick, or your trip is canceled, you will definitely want to have that information easily accessible so that you don’t end up paying out of pocket more than you should.

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Doctor Contact Information

Make sure that you have your doctor information easily accessible. If you are sick on the cruise, the medical staff can call your doctor back home to consult with them about your treatment, follow-up and learn about any existing medical conditions.

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Coming prepared with the right medicines is also going to be important for your safety on a cruise. If you have any allergies or existing medical conditions that you regularly take medication for, make sure that you pack them labeled as necessary. You should also bring basic over-the-counter medicines.

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Emergency Snacks

In the event that your cruise ship loses power, you should be prepared with snacks that have high protei such as packs of nuts and granola. Think of snacks that you can pack easily in your luggage that won’t take up a lot of room.

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Backup Power

While you should leave your most expensive electronics at home and bring only the basics (tablet, cell phone), you should be prepared for power outages with a back up power supply to keep your devices charged. There are small battery packs that you can recharge that will supply power to your phone without an outlet.


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Even if you are not taking a cruise where a passport is required, there may be an emergency situation where you may have to divert your trip to an international location and need to fly home from there. Pack your passport to be safe and not sorry.

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Reusable Water Bottles

If the water system on the cruise is disabled you should make sure that you have reusable water bottles. Fill them with fresh water when you get on board the ship and put them in the refrigerator.

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Disinfecting Wipes

When you are packing for your trip, make sure that you include disinfecting wipes. You can use them to keep your room clean and on any surfaces that may be frequently touched by others and potentially containing germs and diseases.


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  1. Take along glasses as well as contacts if you use them. Contacts can get lost very easily and, unless you take a box of disposable lenses with you, you usually wouldn’t have a replacement. What would happen if you run out of the lenses if the ship broke down and you had to wait a long time to get back to port? Also, take along paper prescriptions of all your meds as well as an extra supply in case the ones you have either get lost, ruined or used up. You might not be able to get them filled by a pharmacy there but you can show the doctor there what they are.

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