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by maritime-executive.com

The latest IT solutions in People Tracking have captured the interest of Carnival Corporation and the Italian Navy. A live demo in Milan on June 23 was attended by safety and technical management of Carnival Group, the largest cruise company in the world, and by the Naval Armaments Directorate of the Italian Ministry of Defense.

Martec, a partner of the MONALISA 2.0 project, demonstrated a test installation on the cruise ship Ruby Princess connected in real-time from Alaska. The People Tracking System ensures a quick response to ship emergencies in terms of rapid automatic detection of crew presence in sensitive areas. It will help with evacuating crew before extinguishing fires with CO2 for example.

The Italian Navy is significantly inclined to advanced technologies, especially if they are nationally and internationally recognized for their excellence, said Admiral Pellegrino, talking about installations used on board of their ships to ensure crew safety.

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