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“They Lost My Luggage!” – Never Again

By Christina Hunting

 While excitement builds in the days leading up to the big vacation, the majority of us can’t shake the gnawing anxiety of “Did I forget something?” … or worse, “What if they lose my luggage?!”

Yes, it is the worry that plagues us all: boarding a gorgeous ship, and having no swimsuit to change into. With more than 1.9 million bags lost by major airlines each year, the worry of being one of the unfortunate ones to get stuck wearing the same pair of jeans all week is not too far-fetched.

For those of us that don’t over-pack our carry-on, there is now a way to know exactly where our luggage is, as it makes its way from airline to stateroom.

Meet the luggage tracker

The Trakdot Luggage Tracker is a snazzy little piece of equipment that uses cellular technology rather than GPS, allowing for a more accurate pinpoint. Through a GSM chip, the device uses local cell towers to triangulate its position.

This does mean you will need to bring your cell phone with you to track your bag, but once your luggage is in hand, you can get back to your uninterrupted vacation time.


How big is it?

Let’s just say it’s smaller than that bottle of bourbon you are trying to sneak past security —only a little over 11 ounces, and 3 inches long. The tracker slides right in-between the board shorts and Hawaiian shirts.


The best part of an investment like this?

You will no longer be staring at the luggage belt wondering if your bag will be first, next, or last.

The device communicates with you through text or email, telling you once it lands. Through the app, the tracker uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth to locate your luggage at baggage claim within 30 feet.

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