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Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2016

The Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2016 is the cruise industry bible, written and updated by world-renowned expert Douglas Ward. Whether you are looking to choose the perfect cruise for you, an enthusiast seeking exhaustive detail on all aspects of cruising, or simply seeking unbiased information, Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2016 will inspire you to set sail.

Inside Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2016:

  • The meticulously updated new edition by Douglas Ward, the leading authority on cruising.
  • This best-selling book, now in its 31st year, is the cruise industry bible: it gives you all the information you need to choose the right cruise for you.
  • Discover everything about cruising: The first part of the book helps you work out what you’re looking for in a cruise vacation and how to find it; the lively text and color photographs describe every aspect of life on board, including safety, the highs and lows of the cruise experience, and how to save money.
  • In-depth, comprehensive reviews of almost 300 ocean-going cruise vessels: the second part of the book contains unbiased, detailed reviews, and grades each ship on service, food, entertainment, and facilities, using an internationally recognized ratings system.

About Berlitz: Berlitz draws on years of expertise to bring you a wide range of travel and language products, including travel guides, maps, phrase books, language-learning courses, dictionaries and kids’ language products.

Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2016

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Amazon Reviews:

“For 28 years, Berlitz’s Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships, with in-depth reviews of 284 ships by Douglas Ward, has been a bible to perennial cruisers.”
New York Times, November 2012“An invaluable resource to anyone planning a cruise.”
Huffington Post, April 2013

“It would be hard to imagine any writer who has experienced as much at sea or is more exacting.”
Everett Potter, Travel Report, January 2013

“One of the most esteemed names in cruise writing, Ward has spent more than 30 years taking scrupulous notes and making honest appraisals of main dining room cuisine, cruise ship cabins and at-sea service.”
Cruise Critic, January 2013

“Anyone who loves to cruise will love this book. The Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships 2013 is one of the best general cruise guides you can buy. The guide book has exceptional information on ships of all sizes and prices.”
About.com, December 2012

“The 284 hard-hitting reviews in this eagerly awaited Guide expose the best and worst scoring cruise ships using an internationally accepted rating system devised by the author, the most respected (and feared) critic in the business. The only source of independent star-ratings for virtually all ocean-going cruise ships worldwide.”
Cruise News, September 2012


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