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Despite the fact that cruising can be an affordable, interesting and a stress-free way to vacation, it faces its fair share of scrutiny from travelers and health and safety officials. Recurring news stories of Norovirus outbreaks and engineering malfunctions have left some consumers wary of setting sail, referring to cruise ships as “floating petri dishes.” But even with the high-profile mishaps of recent years (namely, the Costa Concordia accident in 2012 and the Carnival Triumph “poop cruise” in 2013), the industry is still booming. The Cruise Lines International Association estimates that 23 million passengers will sail on a CLIA-affiliated ship in 2015. But if you’re not ready to join the millions of seafaring globe-trotters, U.S. News can help. We asked Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic, for help debunking some of the common cruising misconceptions, and asked a few avid cruisers: What are your tips for staying safe and healthy on board?

If you’re worried about getting seasick…
If you get green around the gills anytime you board a boat, you shouldn’t let that deter you from taking a cruise. It only means you’ll have to pick your destination and ship a little more carefully…

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