Home Cruise Safely How Much Power Does Your Driver’s License Have Worldwide?

by Tom Bastek of travelpulse.com

If an international road trip is in your future, you should probably have a good idea about whether or not your driver’s license actually has any kind of restrictions or reciprocity at all in the countries you are going to visit.  To help you find out, the good folks over at Captain Compare were nice enough to put together a list of the 21 most popular countries for travel and how your driver’s license stacks up in those countries.

Even if you are just curious if the Russian lady who lives next door can actually drive with her Russian driver’s license, this is the map to help you find out.

Surprisingly, The United States doesn’t have the most powerful license in the world. That title goes to the UK who has a 97 power ranking out of 100. China, who seems to have the strictest rules when it comes to driving (they pretty much make everyone take the test at regular intervals), has their license pretty much accepted everywhere.

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