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Here's a guide to Cruise Critic's 2015 Editors' Picks Awards

The results are in: 2015’s Cruise Critic Editors’ Pick Award winners were announced early October 2015. The awards spanned 25 categories, including 16 for ocean cruises and nine for river cruises. Here’s a quick overview of some of the categories travelers will want to consider when planning their next cruise, along with some information about this year’s winners:

Best New Ship
The Viking Star of Viking Cruises won this exciting category. According to Cruise Critic, the ship has received rave reviews since its debut. The cruise has scored high in the cabins and dining categories, and seems to have an average level of onboard entertainment. It’s not, however, a cruise meant for families: There are no activities on board intended for children, and the line does not make accommodations for families. That said, this cruise is a great choice for anyone who enjoys the boutique hotel feel, but wants to experience it out at sea.

Best Cruise Line for Families
Those who do plan to go on cruises with their children should check out Cruise Critic’s pick for families: Royal Caribbean Cruises. The cruise line offers a number of cruises specifically for families, and seeks to make its cruises as family-friendly as possible by providing all-age activities and some childcare facilities. The family cruises are also specifically designed to give parents a chance to have some time to themselves while their kids are enjoying the entertainment.

Best Cruise Line for Adventure
Travelers looking to have a hands-on trip will likely enjoy those offered by Un-Cruise Adventures. This cruise line is all about getting out and doing something on your vacation. Each cruise offers a different experience, from hiking through Alaskan parks to snorkeling off the Galapagos Islands. All of the cruises are small – no more than 90 passengers – and are built around creating really spectacular experiences for their guests.

Best Cruise Line Inside Cabins
It can be tricky to make a windowless room seem inviting, but Disney Cruise Lines manages it. The rooms are large relative to the industry, measuring in at 200 square feet. Each room has enough bedding to seat a family of four, and curtains to create the look and feel of multiple rooms. They’re decorated with Disney’s classic style, and, as you’d expect from the company, bring a touch of magic – all indoor rooms feature faux portholes with virtual views to give you the sensation of seeing out of the ship.

Best Cruise Line for Romance
Finally, those looking to have a romantic getaway should check out Windstar Cruises.  company offers small-ship luxury cruises that head to super chic destinations in Europe, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Their open-air dining creates a picture-perfect atmosphere, and outdoor excursions can give couples a chance to bond through shared adventures. These cruises are the perfect choice for honeymooners, parents looking for a getaway or retired couples looking for a fun way to spend their time together.

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