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Maui, Hawaii.
Maui, Hawaii. (photo via wingmar / E+)

Government officials in Hawaii aren’t speaking – not on the record, anyway – but a vaccine passport to visit the state could be ready by May and announced as soon as this week, according to the Honolulu Civil Beat.

Unofficially, the publication says there are signs that a passport is on the way. Lt. Gov. Josh Green, who serves as the state’s COVID-19 liaison and who helped develop a program that lets people skip a 10-day quarantine by getting a negative test, said that while “there’s no official date,” he thinks a vaccine passport for travelers to Hawaii could be in place by May 15.

Common Pass, the firm working to develop Hawaii’s passport, said in an email to the Civil Beat that “We have some news that corresponds to your query going out next week.

Hawaii has been proactive in dealing with COVID-19 and has taken measured steps to introduce a vaccine passport to help restore its tourism industry.

CommonPass is one of several entities, including the International Air Transportation Association, that are developing vaccine passports that would prove that the person carrying the document had been vaccinated.

“To take the next step, and make it easier to travel, that’s the obvious next step,” Green said.

In addition, Green said such a vaccine passport could help make possible events such as the Honolulu Marathon or the Ironman competition – two of Hawaii’s biggest annual sporting events – more realistic.

“The marathon and the Ironman become possible if you have a vaccine passport to help,” Green said.

Hawaii’s tourism has seen an increase recently as spring breakers head to the islands, with most traveling to Oahu.

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