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Traveling is a great way to try new things and see new places. As you pack your bags and check the weather conditions, you should also be prepared for what you will do in case of an unlikely travel emergency. From prepping beforehand with procuring insurance to paying close attention to the instructions and information that the crew gives you – there are many ways that that you can handle an unlikely emergency while traveling.

Invest in Travel Insurance

While most people opt out for the sake of not jinxing their trip, you should seriously consider travel insurance as a necessity. There is travel insurance that protects you if you have to cancel a trip before or even during the trip because you or a family member requires care after becoming ill. Travel insurance can also protect you for travel cancellations due to non-health-related issues such as a weather-caused delay or a flight cancellation that makes you miss your cruise. Depending on the credit card you use to purchase your trip, you may be insured by the policies on the credit card for travel. Call your credit card company and ask what kind of travel insurance they include when you book a vacation with their card.

Understand Your Medical Insurance

Before you head for your cruise, check your medical insurance to see what you are covered for when you are away from home. In the event of a medical emergency, a passenger will sometimes need to be evacuated from the ship. Review your medical insurance policies to see if that is something that you would be covered for. There are policies travelers may purchase that provide medical coverage and medical evacuation services if your current medical insurance plan does not include it.

Follow the Cruise Instructions

When you first board a cruise there will be an orientation for all of the cruise goers hosted by the crew of the ship. This safety briefing is usually mandatory and takes place before the cruise even leaves the dock. The safety briefing is your chance to get introduced to the ship; where to find things, who you should talk to for certain needs and more. Don’t think of the briefing as an inconvenience but as the chance to be prepared and know how handle any unexpected emergency that may occur on board.

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