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Sometimes it’s not how you get there but where you are going that makes the best part of a cruise. To determine what kind of destination  you should be going to, you need to figure out what kind of cruise experience want to have. Warm or cold? Adventure or relaxation? Winter or summer travel? It will all play a role in where you head to for vacation. Consider some of these favorite cruise destinations:

1. The Caribbean

Getting through the harsh cold becomes much easier when you soak up the Caribbean sun during winter months. The Caribbean is a popular cruise destination in the winter months because of the dozens of islands to visit. Each island is unique to visit with its own beauty, culture, and history. Bahamas, Aruba, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Mexico are just some of the places that you can cruise to and soak up the Caribbean sun and warmth. When choosing the Caribbean, research the different ports and determine which sounds the most interesting to explore.

2. Alaska

While the Caribbean is a perfect destination for a winter time cruise, Alaska in the summer makes a great cruise destination. Beautiful snow-capped mountains, the variety of wildlife to see, swimming and hiking possibilities are just some of the wonderful experiences that cruise goers have when going to Alaska. Polar bears, beluga whales, and other wildlife can sometimes be seen from the deck of your ship and the wilderness is unrivaled to many other cruise destinations.

3. Northern Europe

A Northern Europe cruise allows you to soak up the history by checking out great locations such as Copenhagen, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. While some cruises are all about the wildlife and nature, cruises in Northern Europe are all about the history and culture of hundreds of years. The variety of sights, both man made and natural, castles, art and more, make an enjoyable experience for people of all ages in cities and locations that are wonderful to travel to.

4. The Mediterranean

The sunny shores of Spain, Istanbul, and the Black Sea are just some of the amazing locations that a cruise in the Mediterranean has to offer a traveler. The Mediterranean is considered one of the best cruise destinations because of the vast number of ports, distinct cultures, historical landmarks, and the iconic scenic beauty. Everything from Grecian islands to Roman ruins, can all be featured in a Mediterranean cruise. Mediterranean cruises are best for a long vacation, such as a 10-14 day cruise to give you time to explore east and west port locations.


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