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Family recovering from bed bug bites after

cruise from Boston to Bermuda

A Billerica family thought it was going to be the trip of a lifetime, but it turned into a trip they’ll be talking about for the rest of their lives.

“We were excited. Megan just graduated high school so it was our last family trip,” Laura Sargent said.

The Sargent family sailed from Boston to Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn last week, and every day, even after their rooms were cleaned and sheets changed, they say they noticed the same stains kept appearing.

“We noticed on our sheets there were like red bloody marks and these dark black stains,” Sargent said. “I just thought they had washed the sheets with pens or markers that hadn’t come out.”

Looking closely at a photo of Room 8106, they saw a black bug. Still, the family said they didn’t think anything of it and didn’t have any kind of reaction, until they went swimming in the ocean while still vacationing. They noticed their skin was having a reaction and thought it had something to do with tropical bugs.

When they returned home over the weekend, the Sargent family said the real trouble began, seeing quarter-sized welts on their bodies.

“It started out with like five (welts) and they just kept popping up,” Megan Sargent said.

A doctor informed them it wasn’t something tropical causing this reaction. It was bed bugs. The reaction can be delayed and varied.

The trip of a lifetime cost the Sargent family $5,000. Now on steroids, and unsatisfied with what they call Norwegian’s lack of action, they are warning others of Room 8106.

WCVB reached out to Norwegian for comment. They said they are investigating.

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