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Ever Wanted To Smell Like A Cruise? Now You Can.

by travelpulse.com

We no doubt enjoy your smell, dear fellow traveler, but Seabourn and Molton Brown are collaborating to ensure your day is as beautifully scented as possible.

The same scents that make your stay aboard its lines so luxurious will be the same ones that you can purchase come 2017.

So, for the moment, attempt to savor every last vestige of aroma wafting in the air when you sail around the world this year.

Christopher Prelog is the vice president of hotel operations for Seabourn and had this to say about this sweet-smelling collaboration: “Our new Seabourn Signature Scents are the result of genuine collaboration with Molton Brown, with several months spent developing distinctive scent combinations that will serve to remind guests of the experience of their Seabourn cruise long after they’ve returned home.”

We’ve long believed that travel is a multi-sensory experience. Some smells can be just as powerful as vacation pictures in sparking a memory of some far-off port or dazzling location that once housed an amazing experience.

Perhaps it’s those exact enticing aromas of en suite bath amenities that do the job. Well, Seabourn and Molton Brown are hoping to provide just that off the ship too.

The line is doing its best to cultivate a real homage from various places it visits. As noted, there will be two exclusive Seabourn Signature Scents born out of ingredients found, as the release states, “from the coastlines that Seabourn ships explore.”

The first is called Immersive Samphire & Eucalyptus, which evokes thoughts that you are about to be pampered like Cleopatra on her birthday.

It’s described as such: “The uplifting aromas of fresh samphire from the rocky, salt-sprayed Atlantic coast of France and enlivening eucalyptus from China are balanced with cardamom, cedarwood, violet and mint for a captivating finish in the body lotion and bath & shower gel.”

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