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Cruise Exercises

No, you cannot use your vacation as an excuse to skip out on daily exercise! In fact, you might change your mind all together when you read that most people actually come off cruises weighing 5 to 7 pounds heavier than they were when they went on. It is very possible to stay fit, healthy and fully maintain your weight while aboard your cruise.

There are many easy and simple exercises you can indulge in while surrounded by the beautiful sea. You might even make them a part of your daily routine when you get back home.

Enjoy the Jogging Track

Jogging tracks are usually less than a mile long and span the length of the entire cruise. Even if the cruise doesn’t have an official jogging track, you can try running a few laps around the deck. Jogging is the best way to take in all the cruise has to offer.

Indulge in Sports

Almost all cruise ships have basketball courts, rock climbing walls, or at the very least a tennis court. These sports activities can offer you hours of fun and a chance to indulge in your favorite sport. Even if you have never played the sport, but have always been interested in it, you can find an instructor and ask them to guide you through the basics. Do remember that in most cases you have to make the reservation beforehand to use the facilities.

Fun Activities

Cruise lines are popular for offering short and fun classes for various activities. These activities include exotic sports and unique dance styles. You can try a different activity everyday and stay healthy while learning new things.

Swim Away

If nothing else, your cruise is bound to have a pool. There is nothing more refreshing than a few laps around the pool first thing in the morning or late at night. By the end of it, you will definitely come out feeling better.

Join the Gym

Most cruise lines offer state of the art indoor or outdoor gyms. The gyms are stocked with the latest equipment and can be utilized for just about any type of workout routine. If you are not into routines, you can still just use the treadmill to run a few miles or try lifting some weight. Most cruise lines also hire professional fitness instructors and trainers. You can go meet them and ask for their expert advice on what type of exercises would be good for you.

Just try to remember to have fun along the way, because after all, that’s the whole point of taking the vacation . For more health and wellness tips as well as nifty cruise ship tips & tricks, check out the rest of our site.

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