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Why do people choose to go on a cruise? For nonstop fun and/or much needed R & R right? But all this planning could be seriously derailed should you get sick. Cruise ships have to pass certain requirements of safety and hygiene before they are deemed fit to have passengers on board, and most of them take these rules very seriously. But when you are surrounded by hundred, and sometimes even thousands of passengers, the chances of you contracting an illness are high.

If you don’t want to get sick and spoil your vacation as a result, then you might want to avoid these things.

Hiding Your Medical History

If you have a pre existing medical condition then you have to inform the general crew or the medical staff about it. They will be able to guide you better about what things to avoid and things that will most likely exacerbate your condition. In case you get sick, they will be able to take rapid action because they will already be prepared for it.

Avoiding Sun Screen

Most people prefer to stay on deck instead of being cooped up in their cabin. This means that you will be exposed to the sun a lot more than you would be at home. Sun exposure can lead to a lot of ailments. The easiest way to avoid this is to apply a sunscreen lotion regularly throughout the day.

Trying Local Cuisine

Though it is an adventure in itself, you shouldn’t take a chance with it unless you are 100% sure that trying the local cuisine, which is completely alien to you, will not jeopardize your heath. You can get sick and might even need to be hospitalized. Ask about it first, test it out, and then if everything comes out okay, go ahead and indulge as much as you want.

Not Using Hand Sanitizers/ Sanitary Wipes

Remember the thousands of passengers we were talking about earlier? It’s safe to say that not all of them are going to follow the same hygiene standards. They could be passing along germs, bacteria and even viruses everywhere they go. You need to use hand sanitizers and sanitary wipes every time you use the rail, use the public toilet, sit on plastic seats, so on and so forth.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration is one of the easiest ways to get sick. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will keep you healthy and fit. It will also allow you to enjoy all activities aboard cruise without tiring yourself out early. But make sure to stick to bottled water.

Not Exercising

Being on a cruise is no excuse for missing your workout sessions. You will find a workout space or a gym on almost any cruise. Even if you can’t find one, you can exercise on the deck or even try running around.

Ignoring Buffet Hygiene

Cruise ships are known for their extravagant buffets featuring foods from numerous countries. It is a great way to enjoy the local and international culture, but it is also the place you are most likely to get sick. Before even nearing the food, you have to watch out for two things:

A: Is the staff following the proper hygienic protocols?

B: Are the passengers picking the food up with their hands?

If you see anything that alarms you then it would be best for you to avoid the buffet.

Another way to avoid getting sick to read our health and wellness tips and cruise travel tips, following these, you are bound to keep illness at bay.

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  1. If you read the CDC protocols hand sanitizer does not protect from norovirus but hand washing does. They mention sanitizer as a second choice to hand washing on a ship

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