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Don’t rely on alcohol hand gels – they don’t kill norovirus

St Peter’s Hospital takes steps to minimise norovirus infections

Chertsey Hospital in Surrey has seen outbreaks of norovirus on five of its wards – and is making considerable efforts to keep the outbreak to the lowest possible level, according to a recent report on the Get Surrey website.

The report by Alexander Brock stated that Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust had confirmed cases in the Acute Medical Unit as well as the Cherry, Cedar, Swan and Holly wards.

Further information has also been provided on the Trust’s website which quotes Ann Birler Nurse Consultant / Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control who requested that visitors should not attend the hospital “if they have symptoms of diarrhoea or vomiting” and should delay for 48 hours after any such illness had ceased.

Do not use hand gels

Ms Birler also warned that the use of hospital’s hand gels would not provide any useful help against norovirus and that effective hand washing was essential.

“If you do visit then please wash your hands with soap and water (not just use the sanitising gel) when you arrive on the ward and when you leave the ward.”

NHS Choices advises use of soap and water

The NHS Choices website is also clear that gels are of little or no effect with regard to controlling norovirus.

“Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water, particularly after using the toilet and before preparing food. Don’t rely on alcohol hand gels, as they don’t kill the virus.”

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