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How Dirty Are Rentals, Taxis And Rideshare Cars?

by Gabe Zaldivar of travelpulse.com

Here’s a thought: That taxi, Uber or Lyft car you are riding in is absolutely lousy with bacteria.

Now if you can move on from that general feeling of disgust, we’ll divulge just how dirty the various modes of transport truly are these days.

Insurance website NetQuote recently released a study entitled, “Driving with Germs.”

It’s the kind of report that will have you squirming in the back seat of your respective taxi or reaching for the bottle of Purell. It’s great.

The impetus behind the study was quite simple: Discover how dirty ride-sharing can be for the casual traveler.

As noted, some bacteria aren’t all that dangerous and remain fairly benign. What NetQuote highlights are the colony-forming units, which is defined as “the number of viable bacteria in cells present in a sample.”

Going by this example, taxis have something to celebrate, which is a rare occurrence nowadays. These magical places are relatively clean when it comes to other modes of transport.

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