Home Cruise Safely Did you know that your health is compromised when you travel?

The Cruise Safely Team would like to invite you to join Dr. Robyn Benson in an event that will be happening May 1st-10th worldwide:

The Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit

The purpose of this summit to help you transform the way you travel whether by car, plane, or train and to learn endless ways to optimize your health. No more jet lag, no more neck pain from hours in a plane or car. You will also learn how to never lose your luggage and discover alternatives to bad food on the road!

Learn all of this and more during the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit, a revolutionary free online event featuring 35 top medical and travel experts. Join Dr. Benson May 1-10 and improve your life and health from the inside out!

RSVP today and you’ll receive 5 FREE gifts ($1500 value) including an interview on achieving optimal health, the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap, and a Mood/Anxiety questionnaire and more!


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To hear what speaker Michael Gelb has to say about this Travel summit,  and to learn how Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Diet and professional biohacker travels over 100 days a year….listen now to these 45 sec videos.

Michael Gelb – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHu2Yx0nKjQ

Dave Asprey – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkVm86a8RW8

Don’t miss this groundbreaking event, where you’ll learn the 8 pathways to healthy travel to increase and sustain your energy, focus, and overall happiness. Become a Smart Traveler and explore the world with vibrant health!

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