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The U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control lifted some travel restrictions to Cuba opening up a whole new destination for travel enthusiasts to explore. Americans who choose to take advantage of this fantastic new travel opportunity are opening the door to an entirely different world. Everything from the work, play, way that the people live, and food are just some of the great new experiences offered in Cuba.

A common question travelers have when deciding whether or not to travel to Cuba is whether it’s safe. Cuba is a safe place in many ways and most of the resorts are built in partnerships with foreign investors with tourism in mind so that they have up to date safety devices and procedures in place. 

When you are outside the resorts, there is very little English spoken so you may want to make your travel itinerary around whether you are comfortable enough in the predominantly Spanish speaking areas.

When traveling to Cuba, just as any other foreign location, it is always best to be aware of your surroundings and use your best judgement. From the adventures and excursions, to scuba diving and swimming off the coast, any activity that you choose to do can be safe if you carefully follow instructions given by the tour guides and instructors. When you are out shopping, keep your money close by you and try to not to take more out than what you really need to make a purchase. If you are spending time on the beaches, remember that you are further south and closer to the equator so the sun and heat is going to be stronger than you may be used to. Stay hydrated, keep your skin protected with light clothing, and keep reapplying sunscreen.

As the relegations and some travel restrictions remain, there is a great opportunity for cruise lines, who are already traveling from Miami past Cuba to the Caribbean to make Cuba a destination. Travel analysts predict that if the travel restrictions are lifted, the opportunity for the cruise industry going to Cuba is huge.

Ultimately, you can travel safely when going to Cuba by using common sense and being smart about your belongings. Check out some more travel tips for traveling internationally at USA.gov.

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