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By Minh Cuong of vnexpress.net

As many as 45 foreigners are among the passengers facing the interrupted trip.

A Vietnamese cruise ship leaked while sailing on Ha Long Bay on Friday morning, and the 47 tourists aboard, 45 of them foreigners, had to move to other ships.

The passengers, including two Vietnamese, were touring the World Heritage site in the northern province of Quang Ninh when their captain discovered the leaking after the ship sailed though underwater rocks.

The passengers were rushed to two other ships for their safety.

Water safety has long been a concern among tourists on cruise trips in Ha Long Bay, a world-renowned destination in northern Vietnam. Last month 21 people, including 14 foreigners, their guide and the 6-member crew, were rescued after a fire broke out on their ship at the bay.

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  1. From looking at your list of favorite cruise, I would guess it is based on the size and number of ships.
    For my dollar we cruise Oceana the most along with Regrents.
    But sure do miss the old very personal cruise lines, Home, Royal Viking and the old Holland America
    we quit cruising with HAL when they got rid of the ols Statadam, what a loss to all when these old cruise lines went away. There are a number of cruisers who do not enjot cruising with 3,000 to 6,000 of not so close friends, with a couyple of exceptions it is like c going to the old Coney Island

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