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By Sid Lipsey of Yahoo Travel

During a cruise, shaking hands with the captain is a small honor — the shipboard equivalent of shaking hands with the President of the United States.

Funny thing is, there may come a day when it’s easier to get a handshake from a U.S. President than a cruise ship captain. That’s because on some cruise ships, passengers have been banned from shaking the captain’s hand at formal events.

Writing in Spectator magazine, Charles Moore — the official biographer of the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher — recounts his trip aboard Crystal Cruises’ Serenity. Moore writes that a cruise bulletin informed passengers that shaking hands with the captain at an upcoming passenger/crew meet-and-greet was a big no-no.

“While the captain is pleased to meet you,“ read the notice, according to Moore, “he and the other staff receiving you refrain from shaking hands in order to provide the most effective preventative sanitary measure.”

This wasn’t the policy of an overly germaphobic captain. Crystal Cruises confirms to Yahoo Travel, it’s the cruise line’s official policy.

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