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How to Choose the Best Cabin on a Cruise Ship

by Linda Garrison of cruises.about.com

Planning a cruise vacation involves many decisions. One of the most difficult is how to choose the best cabin type and location for your budget and lifestyle interests. When looking at cruise ship layouts and decks either online or in brochures, those planning a cruise will quickly notice the many different cabin categories. Sometimes there are over 20 different categories on a ship! Travel agents and journalists often get two questions:

  • How do you find the right cabin to meet your needs and budget?
  • How do you get an upgrade on a cruise ship cabin?

This article provides information on the different types of cruise accommodations in order for cruise travelers to pick the best cabin for them on a ship.

What Is the Best Cruise Ship Cabin?

Choosing the best cabin on a cruise ship is definitely a matter of personal choice, with cost and location being the primary decisions.

The cabin on my first cruise in 1967 was perfectly suited for four teenage girls on a high school graduation cruise. The stateroom on this 3-day cruise to Nassau was about the size of a walk-in closet and had no windows, a tiny bath, and two bunk beds. I’m still not sure how we got all of our “stuff” in there. We barely had room to turn around, and the hum (or was it a roar?) of the engines was evident at all times. We thought we were well below the water line, but who was to know–we certainly couldn’t see whether it was day or night without going up several decks. However, it was better than the primitive tent camping I had done with my family–we had indoor plumbing and electricity. In spite of these somewhat Spartan accommodations, we had a wonderful time, and I was hooked on cruising.

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