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Mar 22, 2022 Shared from Cruise Industry News

Carnival ship aerial

Carnival Corporation has run more than 40 sailings at over 100 percent occupancy this year, said President and CEO Arnold Donald, speaking on the company’s first quarter business update call on Tuesday.

Donald said the good performances were “more North American orientated” and not just for the Carnival Cruise Line brand, which sees its ships cater to a family market that would lead to more than two guests per stateroom.

“In fact, we’re already achieving occupancies in the month of March that are nearing 70 percent with more than 40 sailings exceeding 100 percent occupancy, a testament to the underlying demand for cruise and closer in nature of booking patterns,” Donald said.

“The most important aspect of that is you’re talking a lot of sailings at 100 percent, which is showing that things is definitely coming back,” Donald continued. “And that we have the ability to sell at 100 percent with protocols and still serve the interest of public health with really good outcomes from a health and safety standpoint.”Cruise Industry News Email Alerts

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