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by inquisitr.com

Cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian, and others have long disallowed their cruise passengers to bring their own booze on any voyage.

Thus an ongoing cops-and-robbers type of game almost as old as the modern cruise ship era itself, people trying to smuggle their own booze aboard cruise ships both to enjoy in their state rooms without venturing to a bar, and to avoid paying the notoriously high prices for beer, wine and cocktails that most cruise ships charge.

Even a moderate drinker can wake up hazy-headed at the end of a cruise to find they need to settle a cruise ship bar tab totaling hundreds of dollars. And for a devoted cruise ship drinker, a week cruising the high seas might leave them needing to take out a second mortgage on their house to pay their cruise bar tab.

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  1. When are the cruise lines going to smarten up and realize that this kind of childish and demeaning rule set just turns passengers off? Just lower the cost of the on-board alcoholic drinks and they’d sell more in the long run. Don’t the cruise-ships pay duty-free prices for their alcohol? Bad enough we have to pay for the crews wages in the form of the “gratuities” let alone be gouged and forced to have a drink in public rather than in the privacy of one’s own cabin. Grow up!!!

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