Home Cruise Safely Can You Protect Your Tummy From Traveler’s Diarrhea?

by Michaeleen Doucleff of npr.org

It goes by many names: Delhi belly. Montezuma’s revenge. The Aztec two-step. But doctors use one not-so-glamorous term: traveler’s diarrhea.

If you’re visiting a place this summer with less than ideal sewage disposal — maybe a resort in Mexico or a village in Rajasthan — chances are your GI tract will give you trouble at least once … maybe twice … maybe continuously.

There are just about as many misconceptions and myths about traveler’s diarrhea as there are names for it. So we’re here to try and set the record straight — or a least discuss what’s known and not known.

We dove into the literature and talked to two pioneers in the field to figure out what causes Montezuma to take revenge, what precautions might work and what to do when your tummy starts to rumble.

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