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Carnival Imagination

by Sid Lipsey of Yahoo Travel

It probably comes as no surprise that you can get kicked off a cruise for being rowdy or doing something illegal. But you may not know that you can be forced to leave a cruise — in a foreign port, against your will — for getting injured.

That’s what happened to Mary Rosenberg of Penn Valley, Calif. Rosenberg says she and her travel companion, a friend from church, were asked to leave the Carnival Imagination just two days into their four-day cruise after Rosenberg suffered a fall. Rosenberg says the two were left helpless in Mexico, charged $1,800 to get back to the United States, and told they would have to eat the fare they’d paid for the unused portion of her cruise.

Now, Rosenberg is angry, Carnival is admitting someone screwed up, and we’re getting another lesson in the perils of getting hurt during an international trip.

“It was so irresponsible for Carnival to treat us that way,” says Rosenberg. “I’m just appalled at the treatment I got after I got injured on their cruise.“

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