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The shoes you bring on your trip can help make your vacation great.

There are few things that can put a damper on a great vacation like sore feet. If you don’t give some care and consideration to the shoes you’re bringing along on vacation, you might find yourself longing for a better pair – or even spending some of your daily budget on buying some better footwear. However, if you’re well-prepared in the shoe department before you head out, you’ll be able to handle any kind of day with ease and comfort. Consider what kind of vacation you’re hoping to have, and bring shoes that make sense. Here’s a quick guide to what you might want to bring along:

Style and comfort
If you’re expecting to spend a lot of time on public transportation or in a car on your trip, you can probably wear any comfortable footwear. Whichever shoes you use on a normal day will probably be just fine, but if you tend to value style over comfort, vacation is the time to reconsider your priorities. Although you should dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident, err on the side of comfort when picking your shoes, even if you don’t plan to do a ton of walking. That way, if something unexpected comes up, you’ll be able to handle it with ease.

Long walks
Planning a trip with lots of museum visits and walking tours? You’re going to want to pack a pair of super comfortable walking shoes. The odds are good you will be walking a lot more on your vacation than you do during your regular life, particularly if you work at an office where you’re seated most of the day. Even if you’re totally committed to hitting the pavement every day, your feet just aren’t going to be used to the extra effort. A good pair of walking shoes with lots of cushion and support will keep you moving comfortably.

Sandy shores
When you’re figuring out how to prepare for a cruise to a beach destination, you absolutely cannot forget to pack a pair of sandals. Go for sturdy sandals that will be relatively comfortable for walking medium distances, and never wear a closed shoe on the shore. Even though it might be tempting if you’re just heading out to watch a sunset or look at the waves, your walking shoes don’t belong on the beach. You’ll definitely get sand in your shoe, which will make it incredibly uncomfortable to wear. This can effectively ruin your shoe for a portion of the trip, so make sure you’re always wearing a sandal or flip-flop when you head out for some seaside fun.

Night out
Over the course of your vacation, you might find yourself heading out to an upscale restaurant for dinner, or going to some other event that requires formal wear. Make sure you pack one pair of shoes that will make sense for this kind of occasion. These shoes may overlap with another pair: For example, your stylish-but-comfortable shoes might be appropriate. However, if you don’t have anything that makes sense in a more formal setting, you may end up feeling embarrassed or out of place.

Active days
If your idea of a perfect vacation includes hikes or long bike rides, make sure you’ve packed shoes that will work. A good pair of hiking boots might take up a lot of room in your luggage, but they’re invaluable when you’re going up a tricky slope. Similarly, packing a pair of galoshes to slip over your shoes when its wet can help you stay comfortable if you’re trudging through an area where it has recently rained. Being up close and personal with the outdoors shouldn’t mean you’re uncomfortable: Being well-prepared will make sure you’re focused on the great views, not your feet.

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  1. When I pack for a cruise, I put all my outfits on hangers and slip them into dry cleaning bags or even large trash bags. When I enter my cabin, I open the suitcase and immediately hang clothes in the closet. Underwear, tops, bathing suits, etc are packed in zipper bags which can be dropped into drawers. Instead of spending the first hour sorting clothes, I’m out on the balcony with a glass of wine watching the shore slip away.

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