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Nov 10, 2022 Shared from cruiseindustrynews.com

Bar Harbor Cruise Ship Sign

Bar Harbor, Maine voters have made their voices heard, having voted through a citizens petition this week that will limit the number of cruise passengers who can disembark to just 1,000 per day.

The vote received 58 percent of the vote, according to local media.

The citizens petition was created by local resident Charles Sidman, and could put a stop to any large ships tendering guests into Bar Harbor.

“We now have the opportunity to make Bar Harbor and Bar Harbor tourism and business far more sustainable, even-handed and beneficial,” said Sidman.

Earlier this year he said that the town had felt it was “overrun” by cruise ship traffic during peak summer months.

Officials also said in local media this week that they expect a “legal challenge” from the cruise industry.

The town will now hire a coordinator to manage cruise ship traffic and create a cruise ship reservation system.

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